Publishing with Little CAB Press

This page is for information about publishing with Little CAB Press for projects OTHER than our anthology book projects.

We’ve received many inquiries about publishing unsolicited novels, children’s book projects, memoirs, etc.

We will consider publishing your unsolicited project under the following conditions:

We do not offer advances, we pay royalties on sales, and we sell on Amazon.

When a short story is invited to be in one of our anthology projects the author pays nothing, however since a full length book by a single author is altogether a different animal, we may charge for publications of full length books by single authors. If a project is written extremely well and needs very little editing, by an author who is highly motivated to sell their own books and is seen as very sellable by the publisher, we may offer a contract to publish at no cost to the author.


The cost to publish a book depends on the length of the work, the amount of editing needed, etc. We can’t give a full quote until we’ve seen the manuscript and the amount and type of work involved.
What we do when you pay for your work to be published: We edit the manuscript, build an original book cover, purchase the ISBNs, send out press releases and market on social media and set up as many signings as possible, (the latter of course depends upon what’s available in your area). The author receives 10 copies of the book and can purchase more at a wholesale/author discounted price. The author will receive royalties on all books sold through Amazon and other online markets.

There is no guaranteed time frame for publication, the project will take as long as it takes to prepare it for publication. For example we can’t say, “we’ll have it done in three months.” Each process takes a certain amount of time and no one will be happy with a “rushed” end product.

As previously mentioned, we do some marketing through press releases, social media and book signings, however without the power of the big 5, independents can go unnoticed; although the marketplace is improving all the time. The most successful authors do most of their own marketing through social media, blog tours, signings, open houses, etc. Be aware, authors who are not willing to toot their own horn, (do their own marketing), may not meet with much success. Your book’s success is ultimately in your own hands.

After considering the previous and weighing all options, if you feel like you’d like to pursue publishing with us please contact: